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With our fleet of forestry mulchers, Oregon Land Maintenance and Reclamation provide mowing, land clearing, and other equipment services all over the state of Oregon, for many types of ground projects. We have multiple attachments for our CTL's to complete different tasks, a small excavator, and are looking to add more equipment as we grow. We have access to larger land clearing equipment for larger projects if the need arises. Forestry mulching land clearing services can be done year-round but as the temps climb and summer comes into full swing, some land clearing projects become tougher to do, because of the increase of fire danger.


By using a forestry mulcher to do land clearing, OLMR is able to preserve the integrity of the land. Important nutrients are returned back into the soil, clearing your land keeps it looking aesthetically pleasing, and it keeps Oregon and your home safe from fire and invasive species.

We look forward to being able to apply our services to your project.

Land Clearing Services

- Fire Fuel Reduction
- Field Mowing
- Field, Pasture, and Perimeter Clearing
- Brush Hogging
- Timber Slash Cleanup
- Orchard Removal
- Christmas Tree Removal
- Storm Damage Cleanup
- Trail & Road Overgrowth Clearing
- Site Preparation & Lot Clearing
- Driveway Maintenance / Grading
- Forestry Mulching

- Commercial Property Maintenance
- Vegetation (non and invasive) Management
- Tree Thinning
- Park & Campground Clearing
- Fence Line Clearing
- Brush removal/ mulching
- Forest Under-Brushing
- Stump Removal 1-2" below ground level 24" and under
- Private Ground Hunting  (Shooting Lanes, Food Plot Sites.)
- Ditching and Ditch Cleaning

Prime tech mulcher slash clean up
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