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With a vision for improved ways to help landowners clear, maintain, and protect the quality of land, Oregon Land Maintenance and Reclamation got its start as a small family owned land clearing contractor in late 2017. We believe in building relationships with our customers as well as being stewardships of the land.

Kubota SVL-95 with mulching head attachment

About OLMR


Ricki Young, owner of Oregon Land Maintenance and Reclamation is also the owner of RY Construction which was established in 1997. Hard work, dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction has led to his success as a small business owner. The same principles are evident in OLMR as well.

Kubota SVL-95 with post auger attachment

Our Team

Oregon Land Maintenance and Reclamation is family owned and operated, based out of Scio, Oregon. 

Ricki is our owner/operator. He created RY Construction in 1997 and Oregon Land Maintenance was born in 2017. When he is not running OLMR he is running his other business, RY Construction.

Conner has been with OLMR from the beginning. Running equipment at the age of 16. He is an LBCC welding grad, and now works on and operates equipment. 

Jordan is an OSU grad and runs our social media, helps manage backend office work, and maintain customer service when she is not working with her high schoolers.

Alisha is our behind the scenes support. When she is not working with her high schoolers she is brainstorming new ideas or providing moral support.

OLMR Staff - Young family: Jordan, Alisha, Ricki and Conner
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