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The sound of the electric mower is a familiar one in most backyards. But this handy around the house tool wasn't made to tackle some of the land clearing services your land could be needing. Repairing, replacing, and maintaining your fence line can be frustrating and time consuming. Many times this frustration arises due to overgrown black berries or other invasive species that have grown on the fences throughout years of neglectful maintenance; these plants cannot only hinder plant growth but also prevent people from accessing areas they should be able to.

The answer to this frustrating problem? A mulcher. Mulching which will swiftly brush clear away any obstructions along your fence line so you can enjoy more freedom without all those pesky vines getting in your way.

This is not a one size fits all attack though, this is only the beginning step. What we are trying to help you do, is keep from having to push everything into one big, tangled mess of trash that then needs your attention and time every week!

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