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Logging slash is often left on site as part of this process, but it can create an increased fire risk and also has been known to cause erosion problems due to its difficult-to-break down nature. Now more than ever loggers have turned towards land clearing and forestry services such as mulching to break down and clean up logging slash. This offers landowners cost effective ways keep their property safe while keeping forests healthy by reducing potential fuel for destructive fires!

Timber slash and overgrown underbrush before mulching and fire fuels reduction
Skid steer after mulching slash clean up and land clearing

Mulch helps reduce soil compaction, holds water better for plants' roots systems which allows them grow faster and stronger over time after installation thanks mainly owing largely because of improved moisture retention during dry periods


Everything left behind can be mulched into small pieces of compost that then act as erosion control to the soil, providing nutrients back to native plants and flowers. Once these have started growing again, decomposition from the compost will feed them until they are strong enough for a new harvest!

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