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Overgrown christmas trees before tree thining and land clearing

Tree thinning is another land clearing service that goes hand in hand with orchard removal. Like you, your trees need room to breathe. When your trees grow too close together, it causes them to compete for nutrients and doesn't allow them to grow to their full capacity. Trees are often thinned to keep them from growing too close together, but theres a whole range of reasons why this is necessary. 

For example, removing dead and diseased trees helps to prevent bugs and diseases that may have been introduced by those types of trees or their branches in healthy ones. 

If you don't remove unwanted species like the Hawthorne or Juniper trees, they can become invasive elsewhere on your property spreading quickly with even more harmful effects than if left unchecked. These species can cause even more competition and choke the trees you want to keep around.

The best part about getting rid of these species, is that their remains in the mulch that is left behind, replenishes the soil with vital nutrients and helps the remaining tree's roots retain water. Creating healthier crops moving forward. 

Trees after tree thinning and land clearing forestry services
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