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Blackberries may be a yummy treat, but they are also a major problem in the Oregon and they're extremely invasive. There's other types of species besides blackberries that fall into this category, too; Hawthorne, Scotch Broom, Juniper and Ivy can be just as harmful if left uncontrolled because these plants take large pieces of property over.


Not only do these plants take up lots of space, but they can choke out nearby plants, grasses, and trees and starve them of the nutrients that are needed for healthy growth. Invasive species management is integral for your land to remain clean and healthy. 

Overgrown under brush, fire fuels and blackberry briars
Over grown invasive species before land clearing and fire fuels reduction

Removal of invasive species, like blackberry bushes, can be difficult. It can take consistent work to keep them under control. This means removing unwanted growth on occasion by using tools such as weed whackers or chainsaws when necessary.

Using a forestry mulcher to clear out these plants can be an effective and time saving way to initially clear out large patches of these pesky plants. 

With the increasing summer heat of Oregon, it is crucial for the growth of your plants, that they do not have to fight their neighbors for food and water. Allow Oregon Land Maintenance and Reclamation to remove these invasive species for you. 

Why wait until summer to clear underbrush? Reduce fire fuels before fire season comes, don't wait until its too late.
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