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Solutions For Maintaining And Reclaiming Your Land

Oregon Land Maintenance and Reclamation is a land clearing company based out of the Willamette Valley. We do many types of land maintenance and reclamation projects all over the state of Oregon. We have a full list of service options but are not limited to those alone. If we can not do what you are looking for we will help guide you to right people for your project.

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Mike G.

The right man for the job! Our family has has extensive background in logging,new construction and remodeling, automotive and heavy equipment repair and operation. If your looking for for someone with experience with it all look no further! Ricky young is the man for your job big or small! You've made a great choice. A man of quality and integrity witch is in short supply now days. For all your clearing and construction needs contact him for quotes, advise, and great work!

Kevin H.

"From the very start, Ricki and Conner displayed impressive professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand my specific needs and provided expert advice for my property's land maintenance and reclamation.
Throughout the process, their attention to detail and efficiency were commendable. Conner ensured the project was completed to the highest standard while also adhering to environmental regulations and sustainable practices.
I was thrilled to see how they restored the natural beauty of my land and enhanced its ecological value significantly."

Heidi L.

These guys did a fantastic job. They were easy to reach to schedule. Came ahead to evaluate the job and offered advice and a very realistic estimate. They showed up when they said they would, did the job so thoroughly and quickly that it seemed like MAGIC. Maybe it was, I don't know. Any way it was a great job.

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